Gorgeous Green Chef Personal Chef Services



What kind of training and experience does chef S. Nichole have?


  • Chef S. Nichole holds an Associates of Culinary Arts degree from Le Cordon Bleu College in Tucker, GA. She is certified in proper sanitation and safety procedures such as Serve Safe. Along with her culinary degree she has completed extensive training working in luxury hotels, and restaurants around Atlanta. Since 2014 chef Nichole has worked as a private chef cooking for high-profile principles in luxury estates as large as 20,000 sq. ft. Associates have at least a Serve Safe certificate and on the job training. 


What type of customers do you cook for?


  • I cook for a variety of clients. Many of the clients who use our services are business executives, high profile principles, and families seeking the benefits of a personal chef service.


What is the difference between a personal chef and a private chef?


  • Personal chefs are more affordable than private chefs. Personal chefs prepare meals in advance to cater to the needs of several clients in their area. A private chef has a fixed annual salary and works primarily for one client full-time. The average cost of a personal chef is about the same as the price of dining out in your neighborhood. It can be more expensive or cheaper depending upon your menu and the types of ingredients being used such as Organic and All-Natural.  


What are the benefits of a personal chef?


  • When you hire a personal chef, this service comes with tastier foods, a healthier diet, and more free time to do the things that you love. This type of service can also reduce your meal expenses.


How do you know what type of foods I like?


  • After you have booked my service, I send each new client a food preference questionnaire via email. I collect extensive information on what our clients like and dislike.


Does the Gorgeous Green Chef cook gluten-free, and special dietary meals?


  • Yes. Clients can have their meals tailored towards specific dietary requirements. Be sure to let me know.


What meals can I request?


  • I prepare dinners for individuals and families. These meals include 1 full entree (protein, starch, vegetable) and 1 snack per day. Weekly menus are made for 5 days only. 


How many meals can I request for each visit?


  • I prepare meals to cover 5 days upon each visit.  (Request for a 2-day schedule where meals are prepared to cover every two, and 3 days). I conduct in-home visits to multiple customers per day, I have a limited amount of time to spend in each customer's home. Maximum 5 meals per week.


How long will my personal chef be in my house each visit?


  • Your personal chef will be in your home for a minimum of 3 hours and a max of 6 hours each visit.


Do I need to be at my home when my personal chef arrives?


  • No. Just give me specific instructions and I will be sure to follow them. I value my reputation and I earn my customer's respect by being honest and transparent. I love to engage with my clients, and most of my clients are home during their in-home visits.


How much does The Gorgeous Green Chef Personal Chef Service work?

  • I charge $60 per hour plus the cost of groceries, and a travel fee based on location each visit for customers who are not using our weekly meal subscription. There is a weekly subscription where customers can have meal services on a weekly basis. Please visit Personal Chef Services to find out more about this plan. 


Can I request my meals to be delivered to my home instead of in-home prep?


  • No. Gorgeous Green Chef does not offer meal delivery services at this time. 

What type of cuisines do you specialize in?


  • We specialize in French and American cuisines. However, we cook a variety of cuisines such as Southern, Indian, Chinese, Caribbean, and Mediterranean Fusions. If you would like a specific cuisine,  I am open to my clients sending me recipes of meals that they would like for me to cook.


How long is the process to start receiving services?


  • This process takes approximately 3 days if clients are prompt with answering a food preference questionnaire and getting them back to me in a timely manner via email.

  • I send menus 24 hours upon receipt of your food preference worksheet and allow another 24 hours to generate menus for approval.

  • Once a menu has been agreed upon, customers using weekly meal subscriptions must submit full payment for services before services can be rendered. Please note: we do not confirm or show up to customers homes without payment confirmation. Delayed payments could result in delayed services and you will need to reschedule. Bookings are on a first come, first serve basis. Customers who are not weekly recipients, can submit payments upon completion of services. Our time starts when we arrive to your home and ends after clean up and load-out has been completed. We try to give an approximation of how long your services will take, but we cannot guarantee less or longer time frames. 


What type of payments do you accept?

  •  I email each client a link to their invoice through square. Securely pay with a credit card, or debit card. I do not accept pay pal, cash app, or zelle.


How do I book Gorgeous Green Chef personal chef services?

  • Full payment of my service fee is required to book with me for my weekly re-occuring service. Clients who are using our services for special events such as catering services, dinner parties, and all other cooking arrangements other than in-home meal-prep are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of half their invoice before booking is confirmed. After your deposit is secured, I will move forward with sending a food preference questionnaire and preparing your custom menu. If you decide to move forward with your booking, your deposit will be credited towards your final bill.

How does cancellation work?


  • Clients that need to cancel personal chef services will need to do so 24 hours in advance. If you choose to cancel on the day of your home visit, we will reschedule another day for your visit. If you do not plan to reschedule, your deposit for menu preparations will not be refunded. 

  • All deposits are non-refundable